1st November 2019

Next month, will mark the official launch of #LeakeStreetLIVE, a new free public events programme that will bring a range of events and activations to Leake Street Arches throughout the year. Following a well-received trial of activities in September, the #LeakeStreetLIVE winter programme will see Leake Street Arches host free graffiti workshops accompanied by live music every Thursday night. The winter programme will also incorporate monthly activities such as Sunset dances (guided silent dances led by the international dance movement Secret Sunrise) and Paint Jams (where groups of artists get together to paint to a theme). To celebrate, on Thursday […]
27th September 2019

Paint Jams (where graffiti crews and collectives get together at a designated time and place to paint to a theme) are not new to Leake Street. But Saturday 21st September saw the first Paint Jam as part of our new #LeakeStreetLIVE programme. Run by Wild Style Café and SoFly, the Jam was held on World Alzheimer’s Day in association with Alzheimer’s Society. SoFly (aka Sophy Robson) has been running the #LeakeStreetLIVE free beginners graffiti workshops for us throughout September. Each Friday, she teaches groups of up to 20 people a few key skills before handing the sprays over to them […]
15th September 2019

Blanche London offers private events featuring top electronic music from the world’s foremost DJs at some of the best venues across London. Set amidst a dark and mysterious theme, guests are transported to a crossroads where ‘the darkness of the east meets the desire of the west.’Specialist designers create a dirty chic look and ensure that the lighting and room decor matches the dark and mysterious theme of the night.Big Headliners play alongside some of London’s most exciting new talents and are accompanied by groundbreaking and fully immersive production. From Sept 2019, Aures London will host a series of events […]
4th September 2019

Retro Future Festival is a celebration of all things Retro Electro and Synthwave – The music, the 80s lifestyle, movies, gaming, lights, neon, lasers. Events feature artists from across the globe to give people the chance to see their favourite acts. There’s also console retro gaming, fantastic merch and giveaways, live entertainment, movie and music cosplayers and more! A party not to be missed. Retro Future Festival has a monthly residency at 26 Leake Street. Upcoming dates:21st Sept19th Oct30th Nov To buy tickets,
1st September 2019

This annual weekend celebration is dedicated to DJ life, Portablism, beats and art. Held in both Aures London and spilling out into Leake Street tunnel, this free event brings together DJs, Producers and Brands for a unique event that evokes the realness of the underground music scene. Highlight events include The Portablist Lounge, IDA Championships, Beat Cypher, Emerge Festival, DjCity Link Up and BG Traders Market. Events run on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th Sept from 10am to the early hours and include rap battles, scratch competitions, beatbox performances, industry talks and manufacturer demonstrations. For further info, CLICK HERE.