12th February 2018

Whilst there is much debate about the origins of graffiti, those who believe it started in the 1960s, site the street gangs of Philadelphia, who would brand the walls as their own with their tagging. Darryl McCray, a Philadelphian high school student, was the graffiti artist who helped the medium’s rise to fame. He would trail around the city marking his nickname ‘Cornbread’, next to each gang’s writings, impressing them all with his relentlessness, and giving him free entry to all gang territories. A romantic chap at heart, Cornbread made the most of this notoriety and used his tagging to gain […]
30th January 2018

Last week saw the launch of VAULT festival on Leake Street. London’s biggest arts festival, running from 24th January to 18th March, sees hundreds of new shows, events and performances explode across The Vaults Theatre and out into the nearby streets and venues of Waterloo. We spoke to Tim Wilson, Creative Producer of Heritage Arts Company and founder of VAULT and asked him to tell us how it all started and how it’s developed over the years…   “We want VAULT Festival to be the people’s festival. For eight weeks, join this carnival of experience, filled with entertainment and unexpected […]
8th January 2018

Imagine walking into your nearest coffee shop, ordering a flat white and beginning a debate with the other customers. This is a rather unnatural concept, particularly in Britain where we tend to keep ourselves to ourselves. However, this was how the Coffee Shop started its humble life here in Britain, not as coffee chains with free wifi and phone charging, or as places with beverages sparkling with crushed ice, sprinkles and a unicorn horn on top, but as Coffee Houses: places to read and debate. In the seventeenth century, Europeans returned from Arabia with a black drink purportedly giving its […]
15th August 2017

Dictionary Definition: “Writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place.” Graffiti; a beautiful word for something traditionally associated with illegal urban activity. As the plural of the Italian archaeological term Graffito, its original context, meant a deliberate mark made by scratching or engraving on a large surface such as a wall. Whilst the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians may have first coined the term, the definition and origins of modern day graffiti continue to be debated. When and where it first started causes much controversy, especially amongst the graffiti community, but […]
15th August 2017

Night or day, rain or shine; the South Bank remains a constant hub of activity throughout the year. The huge range of activities on offer, from watching a play at The National Theatre, getting a bite to eat at one of the numerous restaurants or taking in the view from The London Eye to spying on sharks at the aquarium, catching a film at the BFI IMAX or revisiting the past at the Imperial War museum, means the South Bank appeals to adults and children alike. But it’s taken a great deal of time to build an area that is […]