21st February 2018

The Vaults is London’s home for immersive and alternative arts. Their mission is to collaborate and conspire, embracing artists from all walks of life to come together and inspire others. They invite proposals of all types and natures, encouraging those to come forward that have a natural affinity to the unusual, the daring and the unknown. They are unparalleled, they are unexpected and they are under your feet. The Vaults encourage talents of every vocation to mutate their art; art that is challenging, accessible and imaginative. The Vaults also seek to prove that sustainability promotes a business, not stifles it, […]
15th December 2017

VAULT Festival is London’s biggest and boldest annual arts festival, hosting hundreds of events each year; reaching across theatre, comedy, film, live performance, and more. VAULT 2018 is the sixth annual celebration that will invite tens of thousands of Londoners to Leake Street. From January 24th to March 18th, over three hundred new shows explode across a festival of festivals in Waterloo. With new venues, new bars, new food and plenty of surprises, VAULT 2018 is the biggest, fairest platform in London for artists to present innovative, daring work. From Leake Street Arches you can enter the festival for free and […]