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9th January 2018
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25th January 2018
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#MeetAndGraff : Orbit

#MeetAndGraff is a short interview series where we meet different graffiti artists who work on Leake Street to learn more about their style.

Twon Dean

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What age did you get into graffiti?
I started painting on walls at the late age of 29. Nearly 2 and a half years ago now.

Who is your favourite street artist?
Buff Monster

How would you describe your style?
A geometric conversation disguised as simple pattern and form run through an almost colourist approach to painting. Classic freehand can only application. End result feeling bright, trippy & transient. In two words, ‘Candied Cypher’!

What do you want people to feel when they look at your work?
A desire for the unknown.

What do you think about London’s graffiti scene?
I don’t think about it much, i pay more attention to the message in each piece of work.

What do you think about legal walls such as Leake Street Tunnel?
They make a massive difference to so many people lives in such a good way. Mine included. All I can say is that without these spaces, London wouldn’t be the same.