News Flash: Leake Street Arches to take part in Art Night

News Flash: Phase One of Leake Street Arches launches this Saturday!
12th June 2018
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12th July 2018
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News Flash: Leake Street Arches to take part in Art Night

Art Night is London’s largest free contemporary arts festival. Each year the festival partners with a leading cultural institution and curator, focusing on a different area of London to explore its distinctive identity, culture and architecture through various forms of art.

This year, Art Night heads south of the river for the first time: the 2018 trail will transform the Thames riverbank between the South Bank and Battersea Power Station, via Vauxhall and Nine Elms, taking place in iconic and off-the-beaten-track venues. Ralph Rugoff and the Hayward Gallery team have curated projects by 12 internationally renowned artists to coincide with the institution’s 50th anniversary.

Presented alongside these 12 projects, the Art Night Open* programme offers local galleries, organisations, independent artists and curators the opportunity to take part in the festival responding to the 2018 curatorial themes and cultural trail.

Leake Street Arches are delighted to be hosting seven artists for Art Night Open:

  1. UTA KÖGELSBERGER (entrance to Leake Street Tunnel)
    Uncertain Subjects Part II, a live performance devised by Uta Kögelsberger bears testimony to a city undergoing a fundamental transformation against the wishes of the majority of its residents. It brings a personal lived experience back into the conversations surrounding Brexit. In a live performance, a single billboard will be continuously covered and re-covered with images of those who feel that the current political discourse surrounding Brexit is turning them into Uncertain Subjects within their own country. The work gives a voice to those who feel they have been silenced by the failing democratic processes.
    Bringing together the respective practices of New York-based artist Peter Burr and Londonbased musician Oliver Coates, this audio-visual performance is a collaboration unfolding in real time. Combining Burr’s complex, mutating digital imagery with Coates’ vibrant electronic and cello sounds, Interference AV creates an immersive and singular experience, revealing crossover fascinations with the possibilities of structural space and a desire to create new ambient environments.
    Gabriel Mulvey and Paul Coombs first collaborated in June 2016 for the exhibition ‘Ill Meat” in Geneva (with Paul Kindersley). In just two years working together, they have produced a substantial body of work spanning video, installation and performance, including a new music project ‘Baouse’ and a video piece ANX, exhibited at last year’s Venice Biennale. Coombs and Mulvey continue to work as individual artists. For one night only and in celebration of Art Night 2018 and Pride, Gabriel Mulvey and Paul Coombs will perform live re-imaginings of their geolocated video work Backbone in twelve acts (which explores what it is to be queer in London, past, present and possible future).
  4. CHRISTOPHER MATTHEWS (in the Pedestrian Link Tunnel)
    Christopher Matthews presents live dance, sound and Instagram occupy project Lads in Leake Street Tunnel. The project draws on dance and art histories to explore idealised physical form, class structure and notions of masculinity, particularly in the homoerotic spectrum. Audiences are invited to interact with the project using #lads on Instagram to post photos and videos of the work. Within a stream of images bearing the hashtag “lads”, a temporal project archive will be built, reinforcing and colliding with this surrounding content.
  5. ANDREAS JOHANSSON (in Leake Street Tunnel: mid section)
    Andreas Johansson will be showing an installation of a wire fence gate and its shadow in scale 1:1. The gate and shadow is cut out by hand out of two large size digital prints, creating an illusion of something being robust and hard, when it is in fact very fragile. In his work he is dealing with subjects such as the signs and symbols of urban space, private/public, and also how objects in our surroundings can project us to other perhaps more interesting places.
  6. ANDREAS LEVISIANOS AND NIKOLAS VENTOURAKIS (in Leake Street Tunnel: York Road end)
    Andreas Levisianos and Nikolas Ventourakis using sounds, recorded and transmitted in real time from within the Leake Street tunnel, will create a soundscape inspired by the way the urban environment is constructed in a multitude of layers. The piece follows the compositional technique of a cannon applied to sonic and visual elements; every hour marking the addition of a layer. The tendency of the accumulation towards noise along with the natural resonances of the tunnel become the raw material for real time manipulation.
  7. LUCKY23 & SODA (in Leake Street Tunnel: Lower Marsh end)
    Lucky23 collaborate with graffiti artist SODA to create a unique piece of work using two different design disciplines, not traditionally connected to each other. In this project they aim to encapsulate the vibrancy of our city’s geometric forms reflected in SODA’s art work and transforming these structures through animation into a living, breathing piece of art.

We look forward to welcoming visitors to this free and truly unique event on Saturday!