19th February 2018

#MeetAndGraff is a short interview series where we meet graffiti artists working on Leake Street and learn more about their style. Name Sophy Robson Graffiti Name SoFly Website Social Media Handle @sophynails Follow Sophy on Instagram here Follow Sophy on Twitter here What age did you get into graffiti? My brother used to do it when I was a teenager and my first serious boyfriend was a graffiti writer. I used to do the handwriting style. My first tag was Zade but I didn’t start painting myself til a couple of years ago Who is your favourite graffiti artist? Putting […]
13th February 2018

We are delighted to report that this week, Leake Street Arches has been shortlisted for not just one but two property industry awards! On Monday 12th February, it was announced that LSA had been shortlisted for the ‘Excellence in Planning for Heritage and Culture’ for the RTPI Planning Excellence Awards. Organised by the Royal Town Planning Institute, these are the most established and respected awards in the UK planning industry. Running for over 40 years, they celebrate exceptional examples of planning and the contribution planners make to society. The event is made up of thirteen awards including Planning Consultancy of […]
12th February 2018

Whilst there is much debate about the origins of graffiti, those who believe it started in the 1960s, site the street gangs of Philadelphia, who would brand the walls as their own with their tagging. Darryl McCray, a Philadelphian high school student, was the graffiti artist who helped the medium’s rise to fame. He would trail around the city marking his nickname ‘Cornbread’, next to each gang’s writings, impressing them all with his relentlessness, and giving him free entry to all gang territories. A romantic chap at heart, Cornbread made the most of this notoriety and used his tagging to gain […]
8th February 2018

#HumansOfLSA Taking inspiration from the original #HumansOfNewYork campaign that was designed to get to know the person behind the lens, our #HumansOfLSA introduces some of the characters that have helped shape Leake Street Arches. This week, we spoke to Tim Wilson, Creative Producer of Heritage Arts Company and founder of VAULT festival. What did you want to be when you were a child? I had a private imaginary universe called ‘Dimension T’ and by and large I just liked spending time in my own dimension. It was unimpeded by any responsibilities and tasks. Just solo time. Lovely. Where is your happy place? There’s […]
30th January 2018

Last week saw the launch of VAULT festival on Leake Street. London’s biggest arts festival, running from 24th January to 18th March, sees hundreds of new shows, events and performances explode across The Vaults Theatre and out into the nearby streets and venues of Waterloo. We spoke to Tim Wilson, Creative Producer of Heritage Arts Company and founder of VAULT and asked him to tell us how it all started and how it’s developed over the years…   “We want VAULT Festival to be the people’s festival. For eight weeks, join this carnival of experience, filled with entertainment and unexpected […]