Ten Top…Royal Graffiti Pieces

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4th May 2018
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21st May 2018
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Ten Top…Royal Graffiti Pieces

With Royal Wedding fever hotting up, it’s great to see London based artist Pegasus, pay tribute to Harry and Meghan with a multi-layered stencil piece based on one of their engagement photos.
In this feature for the BBC, the artist talks about his interest in Royalty and how he went about creating the piece. Below we take a look at some other graffiti pieces linked to the Royal Family…

10. The Queen by Bansky

9. Diana by Rich Simmons

8. Meghan by Pegasus

7. Will and Kate by Bambi

6. Prince Charles by Banksy

5. The Queen by End less

4. Will and Kate by Rich Simmons

3. Diana by Blek le Rat

2. Prince Charles by Dolk 

1. Harry and Meghan by Pegasus